Mansfield Baptist Cemetery
Port Murray, Warren County, NJ
Erected 1842, Remodeled 1894, copied 1937.
from the collection of Beulah Gangaware
Names in red added by W. C. Smith, 11/7/03
Names in green added by Kevin Frankenfield, 3/21/07; Kevin's comments are in italics.
Kevin's additions are from photos he took at the cemetery of people related to him.

Special thanks to Albert Hosbach for sending me this list for use on my web site.

A - K    (to L - W)

The above **Beam  surnames were originally listed here as "Bean."  These names have been corrected by Kevin Frankenfield (  Kevin does not know whether the three Beans listed below should be Beam or Bean; they do not fit into his family and he has no knowledge of them.

Note:  For a listing of all known Warren County, NJ, cemeteries, compiled by John O'Brien, click here.

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