Old Phillipsburg Cemetery
Brainard Street, Phillipsburg, Warren County, NJ
Cemetery no longer exists
from the collection of Beulah Gangaware

Special thanks to Albert Hosbach for sending me this transcription for use on my web site.

       In the list of Warren County cemeteries to be found at http://www.wcchc.org/cemetery.htm, it says of this cemetery, "Local Newspaper Article dated Jan. 12, 1937 has the following inscriptions: E. B. H ( nothing else stated), Sweet by thy rest, Susanna wife of John F. Daubert and General John Phillips. The first two stones were found in neighboring yards and the third was from an account of a local Historian who remebered seeing the stone in the yard." "The old Barnes home was in the Old John Rosebery house on Main St., Phillipsburg, N.J."
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