Letter from Sallie Raub Dean

        This letter is from Daniel's sister Sallie Johnson Raub, who married Everett Dean.  Her sister Carrie's letter of 1897 refers to "Arthur" being crippled with rheumatism.  Although Sallie and Everett had a son named Arthur, I wonder if Everett might not have been Everett Arthur Dean, and used "Arthur" as his name.

        Sallie's letter is full of gossip from the area; Pa and Michael commenced plowing (and Michael is still going up to High Street...whatever THAT means!), the Keysers almost suffocated by coal gas, scarlet fever going around, and more tidbits about people with last names that are of interest to Warren County researchers.

        Sallie asks Daniel to reassure "Bell" about her "little mash up(?)"; I assume Bell is Daniel's and Sallie's sister Anna Bell Raub...and we can guess what a mash up is.  Anna Bell Raub married David Green; her stone in Cedar Ridge Cemetery gives us dates of 1866-1900.  I saw the stone (a short obelisk) on a recent trip to Cedar Ridge, and there is no inscription for David Green.

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