Letter from Daniel Raub to His Parents

        On the back of the portrait of Daniel Raub's family (shown on "My Grandparents"), my grandmother wrote that it was taken after Mother and Father Raub's Golden wedding anniversary, and that only Dan went to the anniversary party.  The picture below was sent to all of Erastus' and Macrina's children afterwards.

        The man on our far right is Daniel Raub.  We assume that the man in the middle is Erastus Raub; the woman to our right of Erastus certainly looks like an older version of this picture of Macrina Linaberry Brands Raub.  The woman just to our left of Erastus looks like a picture I've seen of Catharine "Kate" Raub, Erastus' sister who was married to Macrina's brother William Brands.  Several of the women seem to look like Macrina, and a number of the men have Daniel's receding hairline (my father was bald at quite a young age, so that hairline is familiar to me!), but I can only guess who the people might be.

        After he received the picture of the whole family, Daniel wrote the following letter to his parents.  The baby he mentions is my father, born the previous June.  Dad told me he was a sickly baby, weighing less at 6 months than at birth!


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