Mansfield Woodhouse Church Roll
("This is the earliest roll in existence today, 1937")

        The members of the Presbyterian Church of Mansfield enrolled "at the commencement of the ministry of Rev. Jacob R. Canteur"*, October 20, 1817.

*Although the copy I have is typed and the name of the minister is clearly "Rev. Jacob R. Canteur," Sally Fischer has a booklet from the 250th anniversary of the church which states that Jacob R. Castner was pastor at that time.  Jacob Castner is buried in Mansfield Woodhouse Cemetery.

Cemetery A - K                  Cemetery M - Y

George Vannest
John Vannest
Mary Vannest
Elizabeth Bodenheimer
Elizabeth Brooks
John Bryan
Jane Bryan
Jemina McIntire
Catherine McHenry
Francis Stradere
Mary Stradere
James Little
Hannah Little
Samuel Carhart
Ann Carhart
Ann D. Shererd
Flora (blackwoman)
John M. Shererd
Sarah Mattison
Elizabeth Warne
Margaret Warne
Adam Wandling
Margaret Wandling
John Wilson
Daniel Osmun
Catherine Osmun
Ebenezer Stilson
Mary Stilson
Hannah Lake
John McKinney
Eleanor McKinney
Henry A. Winter
Catherine Winter
Ann Bryan
Eliza Wilson
Christina Creveling
Hannah Warne
Catherine Beavers
Elenor Creveling
Ann J. Carhart
Mary Little

Cemetery A - K                  Cemetery M - Y

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