From a

"...Gannet Fleming Corddry and Carpenter, Inc., Engineers, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for information needed by them to complete a survey and report concerning the existing cemeteries on the New Jersey side of the proposed Tocks Island Lake."  "This Notice seeks information about the following... ...cemeteries."  And from a list copied November 16, 1934, possibly by the D.A.R.  Information in brackets is from the 1934 list.

Thanks to Eva Duke for sending me these lists for inclusion on my web site.

Calno Cemetery

        Located about 2,000 feet north of the Calno School and about 800 feet east of Old Mine Road in Pahaquarry Township, Warren County.

Note:  For a listing of all known Warren County, NJ, cemeteries, compiled by John O'Brien, click here.

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